MODEPACK – among the largest manufacturers in Europe, and the one most focused on your needs.

Specialised in high-quality packaging for logistic transportation of goods. With a focus on eCommerce & Courier Packaging as well as Security Packaging for cash and valuables.

We are a packaging specialist, focused on producing high-quality eCommerce & Courier Bags, as well as Security Bags for transportation of money and valuables. Located in Zagreb, Croatia and open to doing business with clients from all over the world. Driven by progressive thinking. Lead with a creative approach. Equipped with sophisticated machinery, operated by highly skilled and motivated professionals. Committed to making high-quality custom-made products, versatile in size and shape, that meet all of our customer’s needs, as well as the highest standards of environmental protection. Flexible in doing business and always eager to face the challenges of the increasingly demanding and fast-growing markets. Our clients tell us it is a great competitive advantage of ours.

Our company originated from one of the largest European manufacturers of plastics carrier bags and pipes – Weltplast, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Continuing activities of a small production site that was previously owned by Weltplast, we have decided to narrow down our focus in order to become a real specialist and the best at what we do. This strategy has brought us to a position of an important supplier for our long-standing customers within most of the European countries, where we export over 80% of our products. We proudly supply some of the leading brands in fashion, courier service, and security business.

However, the future of our business is not the only future we care for. It is more than obvious that the world’s population is creating a strong environmental impact, with packaging waste playing an important role in it. It is an issue we must address together. Being aware of it is the first step. But we are also taking action with prioritizing responsible waste management and the use of recycled materials. That is why we tightly cooperate with Weltplast, the largest plastic recycling company in Southeast Europe, to complete the Circular mode concept that we strongly believe in. Together, we simply do not allow anything to go out of our closed-loop system. Having Weltplast on board makes us confident in the sustainable development of our company.

  • 92% export rate in the year 2020
  • production capacity over 200.000.000 units/year
  • recycling capacity in Weltplast over 10.000.000 kg of waste
  • recycling capacity by the year 2023 – 16.000.000 kg
  • revolutionary 100% recycled materials
  • average inquiry to price quotation time 5 hours
  • average order to delivery time 24 days
  • the average age of our team 35 years