AAA highest credit rating certificate of excellence by Bisnode

The Bisnode Group, a partner of the international Dun & Bradstreet network, has a long tradition of awarding business excellence certificates in twelve European countries.

The Bisnode credit rating certificate of excellence is proof of an above-average company that demonstrates the safety, competitiveness, sustainability, stability, excellence, and reliability of a business entity.

We are incredibly proud of the journey we have taken in the past four years and the people who made that journey possible. The Bisnode Group has recognized our work ethics, dedication, and high standards of doing business and rewarded us with the highest AAA certificate.

Credit rating excellence = safety, excellence, and effectiveness.

This credit rating certificate of excellence is not just an illustration of our company’s financial status in the past year but also includes a wide range of statistically relevant and current data on trends, which use advanced analytical algorithms to reflect the company’s probability’s success/failure.

Business excellence is also a message for the business environment on good financial results, sustainability, and stability. It is proof of continuous flawless operations and excellence and reliability due to good payment discipline.

To finish up with the movie quote, “With great power comes great responsibility,” and that responsibility binds us to innovate, find new solutions, and always strive Towards Perfection.

See our AAA certificate here.

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