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Introduction Of New Digital Solutions And Improvement Of Digital Competencies Of The Company Modepack D.O.O.

Project user:Modepack d.o.o.
Total project value:127.413,90 €
EU share in project financing:70.077,64 €
Project duration:1.9.2022. – 1.9.2023.
Project manager:Dominik Konjarik,

The company Modepack d.o.o. started in September 2022 by implementing the EU project entitled “Introduction of New Digital Solutions and Improvement of Digital Competencies of the Company Modepack d.o.o. “. The project received co-financing from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan 2021-2026 and through the call to submit project proposals for the award of grants “Grants for Digitization”, call reference number: NPOO.C1.1.2. R3-I3.01.

The subject of the Call:

Support for SME investments for the introduction of digital solutions in business through investments in digital tools and equipment for the introduction of a new way of doing business, i.e., new or significantly improved production procedures, service delivery methods, or organizational practices, and strengthening of digital skills based on the digitalization needs plan in purpose of digital transformation.

The goal of the Call:

The goal of non-reimbursable support for business digitization is to enable digitization for the digital transformation of Croatian SMEs by acquiring digital tools and equipment and strengthening digital skills for the development and application of new products, services, and processes, which will ultimately result in maintaining the company’s market position and increasing productivity.

Summary project description:

The purpose of the project “Introduction of new digital solutions and improvement of digital competencies of the company Modepack d.o.o.” is to encourage further development, expansion, and strengthening of the company Modepack d.o.o., i.e. creating conditions for faster and better adaptation to modern market requirements, supporting the competitive position through better management and planning and, consequently, growth productivity through the introduction of modern digital solutions and the development of personnel in the field of digitization. The project will enable sustainable business and new opportunities for growth and development by increasing the degree of digitization by introducing new digital solutions and the improvement of the digital competencies of employees.

Expected results: 

In more detail, through the implementation of the Project, Modepack d.o.o. will improve its business by:

  • Improve the systematic management of changes that will lay the foundations for further business growth (by increasing sales revenue and market growth), which will ultimately lead to the preservation of existing jobs and the opening of new ones
  • Contribute to the improvement of one’s competitiveness, but also that of its customers
  • Contribute to the company’s adaptability, agility, and resistance to challenges
  • Enable the fulfilment of customer requests, which is a prerequisite for ensuring their satisfaction, i.e., their retention and acquisition
  • Expand the offer and thus enter new markets
  • Contribute to raising the general level of competitiveness of the Croatian economy and integration into the European business environment, i.e., bringing the Republic of Croatia closer to other European Union countries, especially in terms of digitization of business.

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