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Meet Skintegra, a Croatian based skincare brand that produces eco-friendly cosmetics. 

It was founded when the founder, Jelena, had skin issues and couldn’t find products that would fit her skin. The products either had all the ingredients that fit her skin but additional parabens and sulphates or it would just include part of the ingredients. She started Skintegra purely as a hobby and says that when she started, she never expected it to become so successful. 


Skintegra connects function of cosmeceutical and luxury cosmetics. It integrates contemporary skin and cosmetics knowledge to create unique products.

With every product, you can find a detailed description and functional analysis of each active component. In formulations, they use clinically proven active ingredients in right concentrations that meet the criteria for the best treatment of premature skin ageing, acne, comedonal acne, dyspigmentation and enlarged pores.

Skintegra nurtures a transparent and educational approach to material and product information. In their products, you can find effective concentrations of vitamins C and E, hyaluronic acid, salicylic, lactic and glycolic acid, niacinamide and many plant extracts such as green tea, ginseng and ginkgo. None of their products was animal tested but has been tested only on humans, volunteers. Skintegra undertakes never to carry out animal testing on its behalf. 

That’s what we love about them – cruelty-free, eco-friendly and vegan cosmetics that do great work for your skin!


While working on the packaging, Skintegra team was with us from the beginning. We knew right away we will use a box, as Skintegra is sending cosmetics, but to improve experience we decided to add a bag too. Why? Well, we wanted their customers to receive clean intact boxes as they can get dirty and damaged in transport. 

When a customer receives a package, the first thing they see is branded Skintegra bag, white outside and pink inside with a simple and playful design that gives a wow-effect. 

Inside the bag, there is a brown mailing box with a simple logo print. To match the brand values, the entire packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. 

Cruelty-free, eco-friendly and vegan cosmetics that does miracles to your skin plus it comes in pretty packaging – no wonder Skintegra won the hearts of so many so fast!

All photos are property of Skintegra.

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