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DELIVER | The European rendezvous for e-logistics


November 10, 2021

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DELIVER | The European rendezvous for e-logistics

The growth of e-commerce in recent years has not particularly surprised anyone. Still, there are almost no analysts or entrepreneurs who could predict the growth volume of this trade segment due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the speed at which the entire delivery chain changed.

These two sentences could summarize the conclusion of Europe’s most significant marketplace in e-logistics DELIVER 2021. But it wouldn’t be fair to you or the event to give it such a brief overview.

Two days in beautiful Amsterdam proved to be more than worth the trip. The event was held at Taets Art and Event Park, a great location with a beautiful setting. Inside 1000+ delegates, both retailers and vendors, prepped and ready for one-to-one meetings in the hope for new business deals. These one-to-one meetings, in the end, amounted to 3,500 in total, which is more than an impressive number.

We arranged and concluded 20 highly on-point meetings (maximum included in our package) with admirable companies like H&M, Bol.com, Christian Dior, LPP, and others. All thanks to the help of the DELIVERs highly intuitive matchmaking platform and a few weeks of thorough preparation at our end.

DELIVER’s focus on unifying the e-commerce and logistics elite while providing a platform where global key players can discuss, build relationships, and sign the most profitable contracts have proven to be a solid foundation for a more accessible B2B future.

We already started and will continue working on making sure ROI from DELIVER 2021 exceeds our expectations, but that won’t be much of a hassle by the looks of it. In conclusion, we hope to see you at DELIVER 2022 to build new and strengthen current business relationships.

November 10, 2021