GDPR and its possibilities


November 23, 2022

|1 min read
eCommerce packaging GDPR

Dear friends, customers, suppliers, and all other partners,

We wanted to find the easiest and the best way to share the historical turning point of the finished new factory construction and new brand reveal. Thanks to the possibility of GDPR’s soft-opt policy, we were happy to add all of you friends, clients, suppliers, and other partners who have supported us to the mailing list so that we could send you this important newsletter.

To shortly quote what a soft opt-in is: “The soft opt-in’ is a term used in GDPR for where an organization sends marketing emails or texts using customer data they gathered when that customer bought or expressed interest in their products or services.”

As with any newsletter, you can freely opt-out at any given time if you want to take a break.

Thank you for the possibility to share this fantastic news with you.

November 23, 2022