Meet Elena, our new Area Sales Manager


April 27, 2021

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Modepack Sales Manager

Tell us something about yourself.

I am curious, creative, open-minded, driven, and hard on the problem but soft on the people kind of person. I have always loved traveling and getting to know other places, countries, and cultures. When I am not traveling, I nurture my small balcony vertical garden and try to paint as much as possible. Painting worked therapeutic wonders for me during the lockdown in Italy.

How did you start working in the packaging industry?

In 2008, I was looking for a job in export & sales with determination to sell on the international level but also to travel and practice other foreign languages that I know. Right at this time, I started working in Tecnoservice Srl, one of the first and most important eCommerce, Courier & Security packaging manufacturer in Europe and an Italian market leader.

I will never forget when I looked at a mailing bag as a product for the first time. Before, it was all about the product kept inside, and not the packaging. Most I would get out of the packaging was information about the product and whether it is made from paper, plastic, or glass for proper recycling.

How did your perspective change?

Now the mailing bag was the product, and I started to see how fundamental the packaging was. From this point onwards, I just started learning. Learning about how we can produce the same type of product from different materials. How each mailing bag goes through three, sometimes even four stages of production. What impact these products have on the environment, and how they can have a positive one through sustainable production.

All of this got me to a place where, together with our customers and business partners, I enjoy finding the best packaging solution with the best environmental outcome.

Is innovation essential for the packaging industry?

Let’s say that at this moment, innovation in the packaging industry is even more critical than it was in the past because it must address the impact packaging has on the environment. On the other side, we have our customer and his specific needs. These needs can range from the type of bag depending on the industry to specific additions like packing list envelope, security seal, etc. When we look at the whole picture, “any” change in customer behavior, global shopping trends urge us to innovate to stay ahead of the situation.

What attracted you to work at Modepack in particular? 

Right at the time, when I was searching for a business partner that can deliver products made of recycled material, I had the opportunity to meet Jure, Managing Director of Modepack, for the first time in 2017. I was impressed by the innovative approach and the diligence in reducing the environmental impact. Modepack is a company that holds the know-how, skills, and experience to manufacture packaging with high-quality sustainable materials.

Another appealing point was the great, young Modepack team. Composed of highly skilled individuals, enthusiastic about learning, growing, and making a difference. I firmly believe that Modepack can offer tailor-made solutions with the lowest impact on the environment and the highest economic return. In the end, I am glad I found a company that puts a lot of focus on investments, innovation, and sustainability.

What’s the most crucial factor for you when deciding on a professional opportunity, and did you find that at Modepack?

Professional opportunity, in my mind, implies that the company offers an environment where you can learn and grow professionally. It has a vision for the future, investment plans, good relationships with its stakeholders, and I choose Modepack because I believe it meets these expectations. I am happy to join Modepack’s team as Area Sales Manager in charge of the markets: Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Israel, Moldavia, Morocco, and Switzerland, and ready to contribute to building our future growth.

Thank you for your time, Elena. It was great getting to know you better. We are truly happy to have you!

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April 27, 2021