Modepack Rewind 2021


December 23, 2021

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Modepack Rewind 2021.

“This global pandemic has taken an exhausting and destructive toll on communities and businesses worldwide. Still, it has also paved the way for business innovation and a new way of operating.”

This sentence opened 2021. Still, thankfully, with the help of our employees and most beloved customers, we have firmly positioned ourselves on the other side of the spectrum.

Somewhere along the way, we got 5 years older, and those 5 years led to:

  • 92% export rate to 32 markets
  • Production capacity over 200.000.000 units/year
  • Revolutionary 100% recycled materials
  • Wide eCommerce, Courier & Security assortment
  • A growing team of 40 cherished employees
  • and…

We managed to open a new chapter in Modepack history by finishing the design of our new factory. But we didn’t stop there! We started implementing the EU project: “Strengthening the competitiveness of Modepack d.o.o. through investment in green and digital technologies”. And what’s most important. We started with the factory construction planned to finish mid next year.

We ordered 3 new production lines, of which one is for paper mailers with the capability for 2 color print, and the other 2 are for recycled poly mailers. This means that not only are we fully jumping on the ‘paper train,’ we are also increasing our production capacities for 100% recycled poly mailers. And that all, in the end, comes down to even more happy customers that strongly emphasize the sustainability factor of their packaging.

We started touring again, and many of you had a chance to meet us at business events and exhibitions like DELIVER and FACHPACK. We loved this bit a lot since we got a chance to stretch our legs and discover new and fantastic business stories as well as new partners. Fear not. We have many similar events planned for next year, so we hope to see you there.

Even though we were busy bees, we still had a chance to support several community initiatives and start some of our own.

One of them, #SHAREBOXMAKARSKA is a perfect example of how we as a community can nurture the Circular Economy concept in the simplest way by giving to others what we no longer find a use for.

December in Velika Gorica‘ where until the end of December, people will have the chance to enjoy ice skating, delicious and rich gastronomic offer, an Advent fair, and a Christmas Village, where diligent elves will prepare all sorts of festivities for the young ones.

To finish the year, we have two new major projects that are now in the planning phase, and all we can tell you is that they will change the face of Modepack. So stay tuned because 2022 will be a fantastic ride.

December 23, 2021