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New factory, new capacities, and new brand


November 23, 2022

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Modepack New Factory

Our greatest’ recycling project’, which took 11 months to complete, resulted in a 5.500 m2 factory that we couldn’t be prouder of. The old, forgotten, and unused building turned a new leaf with the promise of new opportunities, business ventures, and memories. A new chapter that we chose to mark by rebranding our company or, even better, by evolving every aspect from our core principles to our visual identity.

Out with the ”old”, in with the new!

Give us a moment to briefly explain what has been happening for the past 11 months. It all started much earlier with an honest vision to lead our company on the path of non-discriminatory sustainability, the path of research and development, and the path where people and the planet are at the center of everything we do. We had been nourishing these values from the very start of our company back in 2016, but now we have the full potential to lead them to a whole new level.

Fast forward to 11 months ago, and we are at the start of our most extraordinary recycling project to date. As ecology and the green agenda are vital topics in our business, we decided to apply this model even when planning the investment into our company expansion. Namely, we decided that we would not go for a greenfield investment but for the recycling of an existing building. We soon found what we were looking for in an unfinished project in Velika Gorica.

To be honest, we found more than we were looking for. We found a 4300 m2 subcultural masterpiece on a plot of 32,000 square meters with a promise of further growth and expansion.

In these 11 months, we went from 1.920 m2 (factory & logistics) to 4.500 m2 and from 350 m2 (office space) to 1.000 m2 with offices, rooms for education, meetings, content creation, restaurant, relaxation, and more. In total, we turned 4.300 m2 into 5.500 m2 of pure potential to create amazing products and memories. Memories that started with an opening party among cherished friends and family.

Our production capacities grew by approx 100% to 300.000.000 of bags annually with the investment in 3 new production lines, and our team grew by an additional 40% with 15 new employees, mainly in logistics and production. These numbers are highly promising, but every employee’s commitment and passion to do better stand behind them.

Where we hope the new brand will take us

The passion of the whole Modepack team was one of the key ingredients for the recipe called Modepack rebranding. As we are a packaging company specializing in high-quality, customizable, sustainable packaging solutions, our goal is to help our customers to:

  • find and modify the packaging solution that will meet their every need,
  • quickly and easily design and order their packaging solution,
  • implement sustainability principles into every decision.

Through communication, we want to be considered as:

  • a smart, hi-tech company that happens to manufacture packaging solutions,
  • a state-of-the-art factory making the production processes better for all,
  • a responsible company that takes care of its customers, community, and the planet,
  • a company that inspires people to expect more from packaging.

The story behind the logo

It’s quite simple. Circularity is the core of our business, development, and manufacturing; thus, it was only logical to place it in the center of our brand. We took a hexagon as a part of our former logo. We gave it a circular motion, and from it, a geometrical form was born that, with a designer touch, transitioned into a powerful communication tool called the company logo. In the same way, we gave motion to the new logo. We wanted to portray that motion in all the graphic elements. To symbolize the positive impact/trace, we as a company have on the people and the planet.

Now that everything is in place, we are more than ready for significant steps forward. Meaning further production optimization to maximize output, digitalization and automation of internal and external processes, upscaling market presence, and much more short and long-term goals.

November 23, 2022