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Our standard PAPER MAILING BAGS are in stock


March 30, 2023

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Modepack Paper Mailing Bags

As of today, everyone can get their hands on our newest line of standard paper mailing bags with bottom gusset. Our standard paper mailing bags come in 3 sizes, 2 types of material, and many features to cover your eCommerce needs. That being said, while developing these products, we also made sure to work within the guidelines of certificates like FSC and PEFC.

Paper mailing bags & sustainability

In the beginning, there was a poly mailing bag… This blog is not about polypropylene, but it is worth mentioning that the paper journey in Modepack started here. More precisely, the continuous work and dedication to delivering various sustainable solutions to our clients brought us to this new addition.

In 2023 sustainability is still one of the topics with the most significant audience interest. Suppose you go down the aisle of any grocery store. In that case, you’ll undoubtedly encounter products marked as “ecologically sustainable,” “eco-friendly,” or other terms referring to environmental and social responsibility elements. This correlates to a 2020 McKinsey US consumer sentiment survey, which showed that more than 60 percent of respondents said they’d pay more for a product with sustainable packaging.

FSC certificate

If you are reading this blog, you may have already heard or know something about these certificates. But for those who didn’t… Using paper and wooden products from sustainable forestry operations and other controlled sources is essential, and we have decided to become FSC® certified. We want to act responsibly and contribute to more sustainable development. To further enhance our efforts towards sustainable development, we also got PEFC certified. This means every purchase of our PEFC-labelled product makes a difference for forests and forest communities worldwide.

Our paper products proudly wear these badges ever since we bought our first paper mailing bag production line.

Benefits of paper mailing bags

  • Sustainable: Consumers want to match their daily purchasing choices with their principles as they become more conscious of environmental challenges.
  • Second life: These bags will have a second life when your consumer has finished using them because they are strong and durable due to the virgin paper fibers. They are also completely recyclable in domestic paper waste bins.
  • Sturdy: Paper mailing bags are durable and designed to arrive intact at their final destination. 
  • Cost-Effective: Making a green decision doesn’t have to be expensive. Because our paper mailing bags are reasonably priced, you may use environmentally friendly materials without exceeding your spending limit.
  • Easy to Use: Each paper mailing bag contains 2 adhesive strips and a tear strip. Use the first adhesive strip to close the bag, the tear strip to open it, and the second for returns.

What is a Paptic paper mailing bag?

Modepack wouldn’t be Modepack if we didn’t constantly bring something new and refreshing to the market. In simplest terms, this is exactly how we describe paper mailing bags made out of Paptic material. This paper material is a bio-based, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable packaging material made from renewable wood fibers. Due to its long fibers, paper bags produced from this material have fantastic durability and reusability properties. These properties, coupled with the premium feel when in contact with this product, make for a perfect UVP for any brand that wants to stand out.

Paptic® paper mailing bags performance

  • Distinctive: Paptic® paper mailing bags feel premium and fresh as they are soft, silky, and strong. 
  • Durable and robust: Paptic® paper mailing bags are tough and tear-resistant, allowing the packaging to be reused often. 
  • Water repellent: Moisture resistance ensures that the packaging stays in shape and that the content of the packaging is safe in any weather.
  • Flexible: Bags can be easily folded into a pocket or purse and reused. It becomes even more pleasant to use after numerous uses!
  • Soft and silent: The softness of the bags makes the packaging pleasant and silent to handle, significantly enhancing the end-user experience.
  • Safe: Soft Paptic® paper mailing bags do not cause paper cuts to your fingers. The material is also food contact approved and porous.
  • Printability: The material can be printed using the same printing methods as paper.

Why our bags?

Now that you have a broad image in regards to paper mailing bags, we want to answer a simple question. Why our bags?

For the most part, we have already answered that question with these features:

  • Certified
  • Recyclable
  • Tear-proof
  • Easy opening
  • Biodegradable
  • Water repellent
  • Send and return
  • Bottom gusset for extra space

But we saved a crucial part till the end. They are always IN STOCK, and you can find the right size for your brand here!

For more information contact our SALES TEAM.

March 30, 2023