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Paper is the new (environmentally friendly) black


July 15, 2021

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Honeycomb Cushioning Wrap Paper and Paper Packing Tape

Six months have passed since the successful launch of our webshop, and the time has come to introduce new products to the family. Products that will push further our mission of a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

When thinking about our new products one could say that we have jumped on the “Paper Train,” and reached first stop. Why first stop? Because we have many paper-like plans and surprises in store for you in the near future. But first things first.

Honeycomb Cushioning Wrap Paper is made from naturally biodegradable, compostable materials.

Let us introduce you to the Honeycomb Cushioning Wrap Paper. Cushioning wrap paper material consists of 100% paper, making it an exceptionally environmentally friendly and innovative packaging solution. Its honeycomb structure, when expanded, provides wrapping technique flexibility, superior protection, and perfect presentation to your wrapped items.

Truly superior solution if you want to replace traditional plastic with naturally biodegradable, compostable product cushioning that guarantees the same product protection for fragile objects during transport as a plastic bubble wrap.

And have we mentioned it looks good? It really does. Check out these water bottles wrapt in it and positioned securely in one of our boxes, ready for damage-free shipping.

While our new Honeycomb Cushioning Wrap Paper doesn’t need tape due to its interlocking paper structure, there are still solutions out there that need a bit of help to stick it all together. The reason why we are happy to present our new Self-adhesive Paper Tape.

If you are looking to switch to an environmentally friendly packing solution that enables secure product shipping Self-adhesive Paper Tape is a perfect starting point. Without water needed for activation, it achieves an ideal blend that speaks sustainability in every inch when applied to a brown box.

In the end, what matters is you and your needs, and we are here to provide you with the solutions that will drive your brand story forward.

July 15, 2021