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We planted the first solar flower in Croatia


September 29, 2023

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Innovation is like a garden – you need to create an environment where it can flourish. Usually, we innovate inside the factory, but this time, we decided to turn our attention to the outdoors. We offered a garden bed to Mario Andrić, owner of Solarko and exclusive distributor of Dutch Ecoplant for Croatia. And together, we planted the first solar flower in the region. 

Ecoplant solar flower is a unique combination of design, functionality, and green innovation. Inspired by natural processes such as photosynthesis, it combines flower aesthetics with highly efficient solar panels. Like the real sunflower, it follows the sun’s movements, maximizing solar energy harvest and creating a symbol of beauty and technological advancement.

“The whole story is exciting and will draw a lot of attention. On the roof of our factory, we have a solar power plant with thousands of solar panels. So this solar flower will contribute to our sustainability and energy production. This is just the beginning of one great story, and I’m thrilled that we supported this project” – stated Jure Širić, Managing Director of Modepack.

We planted the solar flower on the 27th of September in a specially dedicated garden bed on the Modepack parking lot. The Dutch Embassy, represented by Andreja Kocijan offered their full support. Also, the city of Velika Gorica, represented by Major Krešimir Ačkar, warmly welcomed the first solar flower.

“You are doing fantastic work, and this synergy has brought us to this story. You are an example to others, and I hope we will plant more solar flowers in Velika Gorica. What we will do as a city is to make ecology and sustainability our priority”– said Major Krešimir Ačkar.

Dedicated spots for charging electric cars are right next to solar flower. And we at Modepack plan to have them as official vehicles soon.

“It’s a story that has aesthetical and functional meaning. Inside are batteries that store energy for later usage. Whether it’s charging the car or other electrical tools and devices” – explained Mario Andrić, owner of Solarko and exclusive distributor of Ecoplant for Croatia.

The idea of bringing a solar flower to Croatia started a long time ago for Mario Andrić. So, we are glad and honored that he reached out to us and pitched this idea. As we at Modepack are constantly thinking about long-term solutions for sustainability and a greener future, we were excited to support this project. And, of course, to have an innovative flower planted in our garden.

September 29, 2023