WELCOME to the new Modepack website.

WELCOME to the new Modepack website.

After more than 6 months of development, we are pleased to present our new website.

Here in one place, we have tried to summarize our assortment, working and environmental policies, our competitive advantages and to transfer positive energy coming from our company to each online visitor.

Our focus was to create a modern and vibrant place that will attract new customers, help current ones to expand our cooperation, but also to inform anyone who is interested in our company. We will do all our best to keep website developing and keeping you posted with news from our packaging assortment. 

The complete site has been built and designed from the ground up together with design studio Kultivator (www.graficki-dizajn.com) who is a well-known web developer in Croatia. We would use this opportunity to thank them for great work so far and looking forward to a new achievement.

So, enjoy the web and contact us if you will need any further help.

Towards perfection

You do not have to be bad, to become better each day. This is what we in Modepack believe in.
Our team strives, revises and collaborates with you until we finalize the perfect solution for your needs.

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