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Work-health balance during COVID-19 pandemic


February 11, 2021

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Modepack during COVID pandemic

This global pandemic has taken an exhausting and destructive toll on communities and businesses worldwide. Still, it has also paved the way for business innovation and a new way of operating.

If we described 2020 with three words, it would be “ImproviseAdapt, and Overcome,” in almost every aspect of our business. At first, we experienced shock and uncertainty of what to expect but soon realized what challenges and responsibilities COVID-19 had in store for us.

Market demand has skyrocketed, and we had to quickly adapt how we operate to preserve our employees’ wellbeing and meet our client’s deadlines. To keep work health balance, we took several approaches.

First, we have strengthened our ranks with 15 new employees and increased our production rate with the third shift’s successful implementation, significant ERP system innovations, and WMS implementation. Also, we took a new approach to quality, with an entire new traceability system.

Second, we made sure that our employees’ health is the number one priority during this expansion. Social distancing measures are in place, including face masks at all times, lunch breaks in smaller groups, locker room disinfection between shifts, etc.

Third, we increased investment in our business future. By doing so, we have launched a new web & webshop, increased marketing activities, implemented a new employee reward system, and bought a facility for a new MODEPACK factory.

Could we have done things differently? Probably. But we had a minimum. COVID-19 cases within our company while increasing our profits beyond our expectations. In the end, all of this wouldn’t be possible without people here at MODEPACK and their determination.

February 11, 2021