A Look Back at 2022 – a year in review


January 26, 2023

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Modepack 2022 Rewind.

At the beginning of last year’s recap, we mentioned the pandemic and global turmoils. Even though this year can say a lot on similar matters, the story was quite different for us. So different that we need to be humble because we achieved so much in so ‘little’ time, but we are also grateful to our families, friends, business partners, and all who supported us throughout the years!

New factory

If you have been reading our emails and checking our social media, you have already learned about this fantastic turning point in our company’s history. As we already said. It really is our greatest’ recycling project’ to date, which took 11 months to complete and resulted in a 5.500 m2 factory. The old, forgotten, unused building turned a new leaf with the promise of new opportunities, business ventures, and memories. This significant turning point symbolizes our growth plans, courage, and investment into becoming an even more sustainable company.

Our new factory also made it possible for us to introduce end-of-line automation. This automated technology guarantees that the product is packed and prepared to deliver to our customers. It also enables us to meet higher demand, allocate labor better, and improve production time.

2022 in numbers

Yes, we have improved in many ways powered by the capabilities of our new factory. But how that translates into numbers? For this answer, you will have to wait for our 2023 recap. But. If we were to describe 2022 with just one word, it would be growth. Growth in almost every way, from people to square meters.

More ‘importantly,’ our production capacities grew by approx 100% to 300.000.000 bags annually with the investment in 3 new production lines. A 20% increase in turnover accompanied this growth which set a clear path towards future investments into not just growth but also optimization and digitalization of our internal processes.

Paper eCommerce & Courier Bags

Unknowingly, when we buy products, we think within five categories: psychological needs, safety needs, love & belonging, esteem, or actualization. Packaging is what all these products have in common, and customers have also started viewing packaging through these categories.

In other words, packaging has become a crucial part of any brand that cares about its reputation in today’s market. This is one of the reasons why we have decided to expand our business by introducing paper mailing bags to the fold. We plan to cover this topic in detail in one of our next blogs but for now, rest assured that our paper mailing bags are:

  • Certified
  • Recyclable
  • Tear-proof
  • Easy opening
  • Biodegradable
  • Water repellent
  • Send and return
  • Bottom gusset for extra space

If you can’t wait for the next blog, feel free to reach out to our sales team and find out all there is to know.

Certifications as a strong sustainable statement

Using paper and wooden products from sustainable forestry operations and other controlled sources is essential, and we have decided to become FSC® certified. By doing so, we want to act responsibly and contribute to more sustainable development. To further enhance our efforts toward sustainable development, we also got PEFC certified. Meaning that every purchase of our PEFC-labelled product makes a difference for forests and forest communities worldwide.

In simplest terms, packaging with the FSC® and/or PEFC certification is proof of your brand’s sustainable values that will surely meet buyers’ eyes.

This is even more important because 45% of the regular eShopper make 85% of their total purchases online. If we don’t meet these particular consumers’ expectations, we will miss something important for our future development.

New Year, New Modepack

To wrap up all these changes and investments, we decided to get a ‘facelift.’ And so we went exploring how to reposition Modepack’s visual identity in today’s market, considering all the needs and wants of our customers. Eight months later, our new brand is out, and with it, we closed the book on something that we held dearly for six years. With it, we tried to achieve evolution in every segment, from values and identity to visual appearance.

This significant milestone will help us further grow as a smart, hi-tech company that happens to manufacture packaging solutions. But not just that, we want to inspire people to expect more from the packaging by responsibly caring about our customers, community, and the planet.

eCommerce Berlin Expo, Security Essen, Fachpack, all4pack,…

As you can see, this year was exciting and transformative for us in many ways. One component of this transformation was a global presence at renowned packaging exhibitions. We opened this ‘tour’ in 2021 with Deliver, Adria Security Summit, and eTailing Summit London, which continued in 2022, where we exhibited at eCommerce Berlin Expo, Security Essen, Fachpack, and all4pack. Standing among several thousand exhibitors and industry professionals was a great honor and an excellent opportunity to learn, start new business partnerships, and get our team-building spirit on.

Do business globally act locally

Even though we were busy bees, we still had a chance to support several community initiatives and start some of our own. One of which, for the second time in a row, was ‘December in Velika Gorica, ‘ where people can enjoy ice skating, delicious and rich gastronomic offers, and Christmas Village, where diligent elves will prepare all sorts of festivities for the young ones.

In conclusion, 2022 was indeed something, and transformative in every way. We are looking forward to all the challenges up ahead in 2023.

January 26, 2023