Packaging 101 - Little packaging glossary

In case you struggle with understanding all the technical terms whilst looking for packaging, we prepared something for you. Here is a little glossary to help you get started with packaging and understand product description.

Acrylic adhesive – the adhesive used to reduce noise

Assembly – a line on the box used to fold all the parts and make the final product

Closure – a technique used to seal/close the packaging; it can be tape, glue or self-locking system

Corrugated board – one or more sheets of fluted paper between outer and inner sheets

External dimensions – the dimension of the outside of a bag, box or envelope measured by width, depth and height

Internal dimensions – the dimension of the inside of a bag, box or envelope measured by width, depth and height

Kraft paper – cardboard specially produced to be more resistant

Perforation –small holes or lines on the material used for easier tearing along the line and opening the bag

Permanent closure – Once you close the bag, you can’t open it unless you tear it apart, while with resealable closure you can open and close the bag as many times as you want (commonly used for pre-packing bags, poly bags)

Recyclable – material that can be processed and used again in production

Recycled – material that is made from used material and processed for re-use

Solvent adhesive – adhesive made to resist demanding conditions and all kinds of temperature – high or low

Tear strip – plastic liner applied to the inside of packaging so it can be opened easier and quicker

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