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Dedicated and focused, we are a strong team of professionals who continuously contribute to the growth of our company with enthusiasm, desire for quality and excellence. What drives us the most are the needs of our customers.

We believe that a good idea and business strategy are meaningless without a well-organized complete chain in the company. Employees are a key factor in the company's success. That is why investing in human resources is our primary goal towards which we make great efforts every day. By continuing to grow our team with reliable, motivated, client-focused and innovative individuals, there's no limit to what we can achieve.

We strive towards perfection in what we do and how we do it. Every successful project and every product perfectly produced is just a reflection of our inner synergy. It is a success of the whole team.

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Our team

Jure Širić

Jure Širić Managing Director / Sales & Purchasing Manager

I dedicate all of my time to our success and long-term existence. My daily task is to control complete operations and to make sure that we are delivering excellent products. We are very dedicated in helping to protect the environment and I keep my focus on that. I am doing my best to have our team motivated and satisfied. Reaching that goal, I do not doubt that our customers will ‘feel' that satisfaction in the products we deliver on daily basis.

Marija Širić

Marija Širić Administrator / Sales & Purchasing Assistant

By choosing to put the slogan ‘Towards perfection' next to the name of our company, we have set some high standards for our operations, product quality, and service. And we would do it again, for only aspiring to the highest of standards can make us better than our competitors; only that way can we make our customers more satisfied than anyone else can. My daily activities are organizing our processes in the best possible way and following sales and purchase from the point of placing an order to the final delivery. 

Dominik Konjarik

Dominik Konjarik Finance & Accounting Manager

From the very beginning of our existence, one thing was agreed upon - we should be the sort of company that is a bit conservative when it comes to finances – very careful with bank loans, investing only when we are 100% ready and paying our employees more than our local average is. Moreover, to fully respect our supplier and other partners. So, those are my tasks on a daily basis. My priority is keeping our company financially healthy and sustainable. 

Darijo Kovač

Darijo Kovač Production Manager

Production is my passion and for me, there is no better feeling than the one I get when observing our machines working in tune, as a one big ‘orchestra'. Everything in the right place and at the right time, creating that production ‘symphony' which we deliver to our customer. My task is to organize our production activities to the last detail while having product quality and environmental protection in mind. Our team's safety is something I pay full attention to as well.

Jasmin Brkić

Jasmin Brkić Logistics Manager

My range of operations does not start when the product is produced - it starts when the order is received. The detailed product packaging, which we create together with the production department, is crucial for the safe transportation of our goods. Securing our stock on all warehouses and making sure that we have organized the best transport solution, even to the globally most demanding destinations is what makes my role exciting each day. I like adding certain innovations to transport, like loading systems or new means of transport.

Doroteja Držanić

Doroteja Držanić Finance & Accounting Assistant

Accounting is a very neat and systematic job, that is why I love it. My role is to provide the best possible assistance to our department manager. Together, we are responsible for daily analysis and control of all our departments. We are making sure that our colleagues are getting all the support we can provide to them. We truly are a great team and what I like the most about our company is the positive atmosphere. Despite our fast growth and very dynamic daily activities, we all make sure to have fun on that journey.

Towards perfection

You do not have to be bad, to become better each day. This is what we in Modepack believe in.
Our team strives, revises and collaborates with you until we finalize the perfect solution for your needs.

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