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450 x 550 + 70 + 60


Lightweight and thin eco-friendly mailing bag with a handle, perfect for reducing shipping costs and saving storage space.


A great solution for shipping goods like clothing, accessories or cosmetics. Works well by protecting your box from possible damage in transit and makes unpacking experience more pleasant.


Neutrally designed – black inside and white outside with a handle which makes carrying the product easier.


Made from 100% recycled material,  65 microns thick PELD which is water-resistant, so your product is safe from the rain and moisture.


It has 60 mm flap with two permanent seal paper tapes and perforation between which makes it convenient to use as a return bag (but let’s hope you won’t need it).


Recommended for:

Shipping clothing, accessories and jewellery, cosmetics, phone cases etc.

Or protecting your boxes in shipping.