When people entrust their valuables to your company, you want to keep those safe and thus keep the trust you have been given.

Here to help you deliver on your promise to the client is MODE.SAFE, a line of specially designed security packaging for sending or receiving money, confidential documents, and other valuables.

Reaching the highest level of safety, our line of security packaging will protect your valuables from all known tampering methods, such as mechanical, thermal and chemical. With their various security features, MODE.SAFE products will resist, withstand and reveal any attempt of fraud and attack and handle the shipping with keeping their content intact.

Each type of MODE.SAFE product can be customized to carry your brand. Our design studio will happily assist in this regard.

Temper Evident Security Bags

Transferring all types of valuables at the highest level of safety is the main goal of the today's security industry. During the process, the packaging plays a key role in keeping the shipment safe and intact.

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Cash deposit bags

Coin bags

Valuables protection

S.T.E.B. Duty Free Bags

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has issued three State letters on security control guidelines for screening of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs), and their carriage by air travellers on commercial air transport operations.

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Medical and Forensic Bags

Used for the secure transport of medical samples and forensic evidence, these MODE.SAFE bags are made of strong, 3-layered tear-proof polythene.

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Medical bags

Forensic bags

Security Labels

With the simplicity of their use and the high level of safety they provide, security labels play an important role as an indisputable security product in many institutions such as the police, government offices, insurance institutions, etc.

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Security Seals

With the simplicity of their use and the high level of safety they provide, security seals find many different applications, especially in transit of goods.

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