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March 20, 2020

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There are a lot of superlatives to describe Croatian-based skincare brand Skintegra. But we are going to stick to the facts. 

What started as a hobby for Jelena Skendžić Ratkajec, the company’s founder, became a successful cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and vegan cosmetics brand. With a focus on clinically proven active ingredients with just the right concentration, Skintegra offers a perfect blend of luxury cosmetics with medical benefits. With distribution channels in retail and their webshop, Skintegra was quickly growing and becoming successful.


And this is where we step in. What does every successful eCommerce cosmetics brand need? An unforgettable experience in unboxing their packages! It’s a final but significant step in overall customer satisfaction.

From the beginning, creating packaging was a joint effort of both Skintegra and Modepack teams. All packaging must be made from 100% recycled materials to match the brand values. But that can not be done at the expense of the luxury feel every customer should have when unboxing their packages. So, we offered them the whole package:


While in delivery, boxes can get dirty and damaged. To ensure Skintegra branded packages arrive at customer doors intact, we added a mailing bag as protection. As a bag is the first thing customer sees, we make sure it will make a lasting impression. The playful design on a whiteish background hides pink inside. So, as you open the bag, you get greeted with a pop of color. Like the Skintegra products, where the simple package hides rare and powerful molecules inside.


Sometimes, more is less; that was our guideline when creating a mailing box. Just a simple logo on a 3-layered brown recycled cardboard. It is perfect for fast and easy packing. Safety lock ensures all products arrive at the customer door intact and without packing tape. What more could you want from a box?


Branded packing tape adds a layer of security in ensuring packages arrive at customer doorsteps safely closed. The design is simple, just a logo and slogan on a whiteish background. Branded packing tape is a must for a high-end product such as Skintegra cosmetics. It adds to brand recognition and enhances the unboxing experience for customers, offering that high-quality feel.

Are you searching for custom packaging solutions? Get in touch and let us offer you the whole package.

All photos are property of Skintegra.

March 20, 2020