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Unboxing experience with bold marketing │ Pipi


March 23, 2021

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We had the pleasure of talking with the Marketing Director, Ines Umićević, at Pipi, a brand named after the most famous “long sock,” the rebel Pippi from the popular children’s books Astrid Lindgren has become a genuine head-turner in the public eye.

How did you get started on this project?

Pipi has been working on a brand development strategy for a couple of years now and started promoting the #bolimepipi way of living, representing being carefree in life in a good way. That feeling you have on a summer’s day just enjoying life and being in the moment, you know? A significant emphasis was on interacting with our consumers as we organized various social media giveaways and prize contests. They consisted of limited quantities of Pipi merchandise like t-shirts, beach towels, and such. Suddenly, the items were a must-have in consumers’ minds but not available to the general public. We recognized the opportunity and just listened to our consumers and brand followers and created an online store Pipi Butiga which now offers long-awaited items to the general public. We even went one step further by implementing a loyalty program where customers can collect the codes placed under the bottle caps and replace them with the merchandise.

What marketing strategies have helped Pipi grow?

The entire Pipi strategy is based on the fact that Pipi is not just a product – it is a drink that stimulates targeted emotion in the consumer, and that emotion is being carefree. Working on that emotion, Pipi positions itself in the minds of consumers as a product that gives your life added value. Given that the targeted group of consumers is younger generations, a significant focus has been placed on digital marketing, which is in a constant flux state as it keeps up with lightspeed trends in younger generations. Pipi, therefore, uses all the charms of the online world that it has been given!

What role does social media play for your brand?

Social media plays a major role for Pipi, and as with most brands today, it is becoming an unavoidable marketing and sales channel. With its content and way of communication, Pipi very easily engages and enriches the social platform with its presence. We would even dare to say that Pipi sets specific communicational trends.

Does controversy play a big part in your marketing strategy?

We would not use the word controversy but would say that we are BOLD in communication, interaction with our consumers, and the very values ​​that Pipi promotes, which is unusual for a carbonated soft drink brand.

What’s your view on sustainability, and how do you incorporate it into your business model?

Sustainability is a very important pillar of any organization, and everyone should strive for it, including Pipi. The way we started to implement this is our Pipi Butiga webshop. With our webshop we want to take more care of the environment, implementing various activities and taking care of every production detail to finally encourage our consumers to do the same. We want to stimulate cooperation with domestic manufacturers, with whom we will be able to join forces and work together on long-term sustainability. For this reason, we decided, for example, to work with several Croatian fabric manufacturers, a Croatian logistics company, and Modepack.

Is the unboxing experience a must-have or just seasonal pleasure?

Unboxing is definitely a must-have experience rooted deeply in human psychology. Everybody likes to unbox, to experience that feeling of excitement and slight adrenalin rush of not knowing what’s in the package. According to some neuroeconomics studies, it makes our body produce oxytocin, a.k.a. the “cuddle chemical,” which makes us incredibly happy. We usually experience that feeling when we bond socially with someone. Given the circumstances, people nowadays feel that way even when they interact through social media.

What role does packaging play at Pipi?

Packaging plays both a functional and communicative role at Pipi. You’ve got to wrap the merch, deliver it safely to the customer, and at the same time communicate your brand’s key messages. That is why Pipi spends a lot of time thinking, deliberating, and deciding on how to do all of that in a carefree but also simple and smart way.

How do you use Modepack bags made from recycled material?

Naturally, we use them when sending Pipi merchandise to our customers, but also when giving away the same merchandise to our business partners in meetings, as we want them to be seen and recognized, especially when the bag itself is a communication tool as well.

Are you happy with how things turned out after you launched Pipi Butiga?

Yes, very much! We are pioneers when it comes to launching FMCG brand merchandise in Croatia. It wasn’t easy, but thanks to Pipi’s brand core values and its philosophy, the customers recognized our webshop as a brand enhancement that provides them with merchandise that can support their lifestyle

What’s next for Pipi?

This year Pipi celebrates its 50ieth anniversary. Hence we are preparing many surprises for our consumers, customers, and business partners; some will include the product portfolio, while some will include our merchandise. We are looking forward to a juicy and bright Pipi future.

March 23, 2021