Circular Mode

There are valuables and there are values. The first ones are owned and can be kept private. They can even be packed in our security bags and shipped across the world. The second ones are meant to be shared and enrich all of us. Sustainability is one such value. It cannot be contained by a packaging, but the idea of it can be woven into every step of its manufacturing process. That is exactly what we at Modepack pride ourselves on doing.

Our company manages to complete the closed loop system within our own facilities (in cooperation with Weltplast). Owning the complete technology for recycling of polymeric materials not only sets us apart in the market, it greatly contributes to the protection and preservation of the world we live in by reducing the environmental load and promoting the culture of sustainability.

Driven by a clear focus on environmental protection, we have developed the CIRCULAR MODE concept. In it, we follow our product on each step of its way - from raw material, extrusion, printing and converting phases, to making sure that it comes back to us to be recycled and converted into new bags. The process is repeated all over again.

This is how it works:

Circular mode

Closed loop system committed to recycling and creating inexhaustible resources.

Following products on each step of its way, we make sure that is recycled and
converted into new product. The process is repeated all over again.



Blown film extrusion is continuous process of shaping the material from the granules into a tube of molten polymer through a die and inflating an air to form a thin film bubble. Through the cooling process bubble is folded down and cut to a flat film or tube. Material is winded to the large roles.

Printing Converting User Recycling


In an era of diminishing primary raw materials, post-consumer waste is becoming more attractive in the packaging industry. Reprocessed to a very high-quality standard, it becomes a lucrative and almost inexhaustible resource. It boosts the economy and helps prevent environmentally unfriendly waste depots.

We at Modepack are committed to recycling and together with Weltplast have invested in the development of a new, cutting-edge recycling technology to scientifically push the limits of what is possible - all with the lowest overall carbon footprint.

Our CIRCULAR MODE concept achieves a full post-consumer recycling capability, resulting in reuse of the material that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

Moreover, our state of the art machinery consumes about 75% energy less than the currently most used solutions which means that we are not only saving the material from landfills, we are also minimising our carbon footprint.

Towards perfection

You do not have to be bad, to become better each day. This is what we in Modepack believe in.
Our team strives, revises and collaborates with you until we finalize the perfect solution for your needs.

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