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eCommerce packaging and how to choose the right one


January 26, 2021

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Modepack ecommerce packaging

Do you run a small business or startup with a webshop? Or are you the owner of a well-established large corporation that is looking for new solutions when it comes to eCommerce packaging?

Properly customized eCommerce packaging can help you make a good product great and give your brand the boost it deserves.

But today, custom packaging is much more than the physical expression of your brand. Of course, great packaging can add excitement to customers because of what’s inside and create an unboxing experience worth sharing. But custom packaging is also an opportunity to save money you didn’t even know you were losing.


It is important to know that your product’s transport price calculation no longer depends only on its weight but also on the packaging dimension. Therefore, optimizing your eCommerce packaging is essential to save money.

This is one of many reasons why you need to be diligent when choosing the right eCommerce packaging solution. Generally speaking, all eCommerce packaging could be divided into boxes, bags, and envelopes, but variations are numerous.


ECommerce boxes are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking about this topic, and for a good reason:

  • intended for a wide range of products like clothing, cosmetics, technology, books, etc.,
  • easily adapt to the needs of your product with various inserts, additional “bubble” or “smoky” protection, “box sleeve,” etc.,
  • guarantee secure delivery of your product in their untempered condition with specially designed perforations or security closures,
  • and they have the possibility, with the second adhesive tape, to serve as an eco-friendly solution for the return of goods.

E-Commerce bags may not be as well known as boxes are, but they are an important product used in modern retail, which means a fast movement of goods between sellers and buyers. They are an excellent solution for clothes transportation, but also as additional protection for your transport box. Made of strong, waterproof tear-resistant polyethylene, with a durable high-strength adhesive tape. Like boxes, various additions are possible to implement, like additional strips for the return of goods, “pocket” for documents, a handle, etc.

E-Commerce envelopes are primarily intended to transport documents, books, DVDs, and other small flat items. The most important features are water resistance, inside “bubble” protection, and a tape that can be closed and opened several times if you need it to.


To simplify? If you want to create a unique unboxing experience, reduce unused space, save money with our factory prices, MODEPACK is all you are looking for and more. But to further simplify things, we will share a list of everything important for eCommerce packaging that wins.

Favorable price – costs should be reduced whenever possible without loss of quality, and this is easiest to achieve with products directly from the factory.

Design – eCommerce packaging is like a book cover, one of the main marketing aspects of your product

Perfect fit – your product dictates the type of eCommerce packaging it needs for safe delivery at a minimal cost.

Recycled material – your brand and product gain added value on their journey to the customer in eCommerce packaging made from recycled material

This is just the beginning of the story. To create new values for your brand, visit our STORE and choose an eCommerce packaging solution that works.

January 26, 2021