eCommerce packaging trends in 2022


April 7, 2022

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eCommerce packaging trends in 2022

Packaging continues to grow and change in every way, and numerous factors drive this trend. Sometimes they are positive, like making sure that increased demand has minimum effect on the environment. Yet sometimes changes, like the supply chain disruption, make our lives difficult. In this article, we have pinpointed, in our opinion, the most prominent packaging trends in 2022.


The worldwide packaging industry has experienced substantial growth over the last decade, owing to changes in substrate preferences and the expansion of new markets. This predominately resulted in the increased usage of single-use packaging, coupled with an unprepared packaging waste management system, which put heavy stress on the environment.

Many of the packaging produced today cannot or is difficult to recycle in existing recycling processes. The latter refers to multi-material packaging, which now poses an enormous and unresolved challenge in recycling. Recyclability of the product portrays how well the packaging material can be recovered and repurposed for additional uses. 

A recent McKinsey study found that Europe has an 80% recycling rate for paperboard packaging and a 40% recycling rate for plastic. These numbers suggest that we have a lot of work cut out for us. Still, ultimately it is easy to reduce customers’ concerns about sustainability with the smarter design of everyday products.

A great example of this design is our bubble packing envelope. This lightweight, eco-friendly bubble envelope is padded with plastic bubble wrap on the inside that can easily separate from the outer paper material. Now all you have to do is simply dispose of each material into its own bin, and your job is done.


Nearly one-third of all eCommerce & Courier packaging that we designed last year had some form of social media logo. By popularity and usage standards, sustainability logos are right next to the social media ones, from common ones like disposal and recycling to BLUE ANGEL and Climate Neutral certificates.

One packaging design trend we noticed that was also on the rise was the usage of logos to highlight the packaging’s environmental benefits. We could say an expected design direction when considering the increasing green agenda and customers’ ecological awareness.

Another Covid-19 pandemic legacy is that it has made the QR code the most popular track and trace feature for “creative packaging.” As a conduit to internet information, the QR code has limitless potential for organizations wishing to use their packaging to communicate their brand values quickly and straightforwardly.

Disrupted supply chain

Ok, this one is not a packaging trend per se. But next to sustainability tendencies, it certainly has the most impact.

A global labor shortage combined with ever-increasing raw materials prices has led to shortages and delivery disruptions. This trend is the “new normal” for all packaging materials, paper and plastic alike.

For example, the instability of raw material supply continues to cause challenges for the market, and strong demand has exacerbated these issues. Soley, in the last quarter of we have experienced significant price increases, and the cost of energy is only making things harder.

Another critical aspect contributing to the rise in packaging costs is transportation. Crude oil prices have climbed by 40% since the start of the year, and they are likely to continue to rise.

How brands can manage the instability of packaging prices?

The most important thing is to find the right packaging partner. Why? Because one should be able to provide you with the desired optimized packaging solution while having a closed production loop within their company. In other words, from recycling and extrusion to printing and converting. This way, with professional help and some planning, you will be able to avoid additional costs while maintaining quality standards. 

We at Modepack are more than capable of helping you avoid almost all uncertainties of today’s packaging market.

And with only one click away, our Sales team is ready to help you and your brand.

April 7, 2022