Packaging void fillers 101


December 2, 2021

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Packaging void fillers | Modepack

Packaging void fillers are items placed into a shipping box to add protection against drops by taking up empty space inside the box. Good void filler protects against the rigors of transport, like being bounced around in the back of a delivery van or thrown by a courier. Void filler’s role is to physically fill that void and minimize the potential for movement during shipping.

A common misconception is that you only need to use packaging fillers to protect fragile items. The truth is that if you care about the visual presentation of your product to your customer, you should use some form of void filler.

Sharp pointed corners on products can readily penetrate a cardboard box. It will be more difficult to push through if you add an extra layer of void filler. Due to the frequent vibrations of transportation, heavy objects can quickly wear through external packaging.

It’s also worth noting that off-the-shelf packaging supplies aren’t always value engineered. This means there could be a lot of gap between your product and the shipping packaging’s internal sides. Your item may move around and be harmed in this environment.

So now you know what void filler its role is. Take a look at what kind of void fillers Modepack can provide you with:

Honeycomb Wrapping Paper

Honeycomb wrapping paper consists of 100% paper, making it an exceptionally environmentally friendly and innovative packaging solution. Its honeycomb structure, when expanded, provides wrapping technique flexibility, superior protection, and perfect presentation to your wrapped items.

Truly superior solution if you want to replace traditional plastic with naturally biodegradable product cushioning. It also guarantees the same product protection for fragile objects during transport as plastic bubble wrap.

And have we mentioned it looks good? It really does.

Air pillows

Air pillows are essentially plastic-made bags filled with air that provide a perfect cushioning solution. We provide air pillows made from 100% recycled material which work great in filling packaging voids.

When purchased, they come in an uninflated state, so they need to be filled with air with specialized air cushion packaging systems. The uninflated pillows take up very little space and compared to pre-inflated bubble wrap and other packing materials. All in all, they are much easier and cheaper to ship.

Our offer has several shapes and sizes of air pillows that will most certainly work for various types of products that you are trying to protect and ship.

Bubble envelope

Ok, this is not a void fill ‘per se,’ but it is a standalone product with already applied void fill protection in the form of a bubble wrap. This product is great because it is 100% recyclable due to the plastic bubble envelope’s easy separation from the outer paper.

What makes it even better is its two self-sealing closures. They are fast and easy to use and have a different purpose. One is for permanent sealing and the other for resealing, all depending on your needs.

A bubble envelope is a perfect postage solution and a great stress reliever. It also works with high-volume fulfillment and a small budget.

What’s the best void filler for me?

It depends. You’ll need to take into account several things:

  • the product that you are trying to ship
  • shipping packaging
  • empty space
  • your budget
  • packing time
  • customer

Once you take these things into account, you should better understand what type of void fillers are best for your brand.

Whether you still haven’t reached an understanding, or you have. Contact Modepack and get a quote!

December 2, 2021