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  • Sustainability in the hands of eShoppers becomes a driving eCommerce force

Sustainability in the hands of eShoppers becomes a driving eCommerce force


March 2, 2021

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Sustainability in the hands of eShoppers becomes a driving eCommerce force

To better understand what drives today’s sustainable eCommerce future, we have to take a closer look at the customers.

Around 70% of European shoppers expect us and similar brands to act pragmatically against climate change. With this in mind, sustainability is not just a matter of the environment but also business development.

Sustainability serves as future-proofing against climate change, customer expectations, and demands.

The eCommerce market is very concentrated. It means that 45% of the regular e-shopper do 85% of the total purchases online. If we don’t meet these particular consumers’ expectations, we will miss something important for our future development. From this “pool” of customers, two eShopper groups interest us the most.

First one, the Aficionados eShoppers represent 13% of European eShoppers, but they make 1/3 of the total purchases, making them very influential in eCommerce. They are frequent buyers that prefer buying online rather than in stores, with an estimation that they receive around eight parcels per month. This eShopper group can be considered trendsetters and driving eCommerce force. They post a lot of information on social media, they leave online feedback after purchases, and 75% expect companies and brands to be environmentally responsible.

The second one, the Eco-selective buyers, represent around 17% of European eShoppers. They are very selective eShopper showing some critical trends for the eCommerce future. Time and information are their primary tools before making purchases. This group orders fewer parcels per month, but the trend shows that more eShoppers will come to this group in the future. Almost 90% expect brands and companies to be environmentally responsible.

Sustainability is a connective concern. We care, our customers care, customers of our customers care.

On a broader scale, eShopper behavior is changing in more ways than one. This change is mostly driven by the pandemic, and the longer it lasts, the stronger eCommerce foundations become. People will make more frequent purchases online with an increase in the number of segments of the market. As habits change, expectations become higher, and we must meet them to drive our development forward.

March 2, 2021