Packaging specialist for e-commerce and courier industry.
High-quality security packaging for cash and valuables.


The ever-evolving and fast-growing world of eCommerce is constantly setting new challenges for all of us.

Online shoppers accentuate the effect that branded packaging has on their perception of the brand. In fact, their unboxing experience is what creates that final bond between them and the product.



When people entrust their valuables to your company, you want to keep those safe and thus keep the trust you have been given. Here to help you deliver on your promise to the client is MODE.SAFE, a line of specially designed security packaging for sending or receiving money, confidential documents, and other valuables.


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We proudly supply some of the leading brands in fashion, courier service, and security business within Europe and Americas.

Offering wide range of opportunities for your custom packaging, we can reach together best solution to keep your shipment safe and your brand highly visible.

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People make difference

We strive towards perfection in what we do and how we do it. Every successful project and every product perfectly produced is just a reflection of our inner synergy.

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Sustainable future – together.

Driven by a clear focus on environmental protection, we have developed the CIRCULAR MODE concept.
In it, we follow our product on each step of its way, from raw material, extrusion, printing and converting phases, to making sure that it comes back to us to be recycled and converted into new product. The process is repeated all over again.

Recycled materials are inexhaustible resource and the most sustainable solution.

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Circular mode

Closed loop system committed to recycling and creating inexhaustible resources.

Following products on each step of its way, we make sure that is recycled and
converted into new product. The process is repeated all over again.



Blown film extrusion is continuous process of shaping the material from the granules into a tube of molten polymer through a die and inflating an air to form a thin film bubble. Through the cooling process bubble is folded down and cut to a flat film or tube. Material is winded to the large roles.

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Towards perfection

You do not have to be bad, to become better each day. This is what we in Modepack believe in.
Our team strives, revises and collaborates with you until we finalize the perfect solution for your needs.

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