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I need customized products, can you make them?

Yes, but customization is subjected to minimum quantities which you can find below:


Minimum quantity for customization depends on the box size, for smaller boxes the quantity is bigger and vice versa. Shipping time is longer and products are being delivered on the pallets.

  • Mailing box SF1 (120 x 140 x 80) – 20 000 pcs
  • Mailing box SF2 (230 x 160 x 90) – 10 000 pcs
  • Mailing box SF3 (320 x 200 x 90) – 8 000 pcs
  • Mailing box SF4 (360 x 300 x 110) – 4 000 pcs


  • Mailing bag MG1 (150 x 250 + 60) – 50 000 pcs
  • Mailing bag MG2 (150 x 250 + 60) – 30 000 pcs
  • Mailing bag MG3 (350 x 450 + 70 + 60) – 20 000 pcs
  • Mailing bag MG4 (450 x 550 + 70 + 60) – 15 000 pcs
  • Mailing bag MG5 (650 x 750 + 70 + 60) – 10 000 pcs

If you need different dimensions, specifications or have any special requirement, it is possible to arrange it with our sales team.

For more information about product customization, contact our sales team.

I need larger quantities, who should I contact?

If you need larger quantities than offered on the webshop, contact our sales team.

Can I pay for the goods upon arrival?

No, we do not offer that kind of payment and the purchase is not complete until you pay for the goods.

What is the proper way to store and handle the goods?

  • Dry and clean area
  • Proper temperature

The right temperature would be somewhere around room temperature

  • Open carefully

If you are opening the foil around the products with sharp objects, take care so you don’t damage the objects inside

Basic terminology

  • Perforation

Small holes or lines on the material so it is easier to tear along the line

  • Kraft paper

Cardboard specially produced to be more resistant

  • Corrugated board

Fluted paper material is put between two layers of paper material so it makes the product more firm

  • Permanent closure

Once you close the bag, you can’t open it unless you tear it apart, while with resealable closure you can open and close the bag as many times as you want (commonly used for pre-packing bags, poly bags)

  • Solvent adhesive

Made to resist demanding conditions and all kinds of temperature – high or low

  • Acrylic adhesive

Used to reduce noise

I’m not a business buyer, can I still make a purchase?

Yes! While entering your data during checkout, just uncheck the box ‘ Are you ordering for a company’. VAT charges will be added to the price as the original price do not include VAT.

Will I receive a confirmation that my order have been sent?

Yes, after you place an order you will receive order confirmation, confirmation of payment and shipment. You will receive all the information about the shipment, including tracking number and shipping documents.

Can I cancel my order?

If the order is not processed and shipped, you can cancel your order.

I forgot my password, can I reset it?

Yes, you can reset your password.