About product


Optimize your packing process with highly functional and easy to use air cushion machine.


Protective machines – save you storage space and reduce shipping costs.

One roll with 700 or 1500 meters of film length, takes less than square meter because it’s not filled with air.

While regular fillers take up much more space, not to mention that with air cushion machine you are shipping air, so it’s much lighter.


On the same air cushion machine, you can make both air cushion bags and air cushion mats.

All air cushion bags and mats are made from recycled materials.

It is both cost-effective and eco-friendly.


The speed is easy to regulate – between 20 to 27 meters per minute.


Faster and quieter work, all air cushions are pre-perforated for easy separation.


Important machine data:

Air cushions with a roll length of 700m and 1500m

Meters per roll: 700m / 1500m (chain) / 450 m (mat)

Production speed: 8 – 15 meters / minute

Power consumption: 180 W

Film thickness: 18 μ – 40 µ

Machine weight: 6 kg


Recommended for:

For medium to big online shops using a lot of protective material, that want to optimize their packaging